Sunday 25 November 2018

Auto Intelligence Vehicle System


The periodical improvement in the technique gives human race a new height. After
independence, the number of vehicles subsequently increased but in last two decades it
spreads drastically in every level of the society hence Safety becomes main concern.
However, due to human avoidance, circumstantial error and negligible accidents occur.
Many people lost their life every year in vehicle collision due to driver’s inability to
keenly observe the vehicles vicinity while driving. A large number of vehicle accidents
happen each year. Safety is a necessary part of man’s life.

               In case, if vehicle drivers were provided with early warnings, a large number of crashes
could have been avoided. It may not be sufficient only the drivers observation and
reaction to avoid accidents. Thus, if a device is designed and incorporated into the cars it
will reduce the incidence of accidents on our roads and various premises. A lot of
research has been conducted to develop collision warning systems to aid driving.

               Therefore several initiatives such as Cooperative Intersection Collision Avoidance
systems and integrated vehicle based safety systems have been proposed in USDOT’s
intelligent transportation system program.
                 The communication protocol includes Zigbee to communicate the information between
two vehicles. The distance measurement between two vehicles is done by Ultrasonic
sensor. The micro controller controls entire process, it is programmed to send a signal to
buzzer and zigbee when the distance range is obtained. The main objective of our project
is to alert the driver when he closes to the front vehicle.
                  During night times some of the vehicles such as car, bus may break down at the highways. This vehicle now appears to be an obstacle to the vehicle that is coming behind of it. This causes greater chances of accident, the vehicle coming behind may hit hardly to the back of stationary vehicle and it may lead to the greater damage.

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