Sunday 4 November 2018

Non-Destructive Testing

NDT was the department in which we were placed for the industrial training. This department is concerned with Non-Destructive Testing of various components which are usually seen in Industries as well as in day to day life. These testing methodologies have vast application and demand not only in manufacturing industries, production, assembly, castings but also machining departments, welding dept. medical science, etc. These testing of theequipment’s are performed in multiple stages involving detailed calculations and complex analysis to provide maximum safety. These testing can be performed at various stages of materials such as at the raw materials, while Primary preprocessing, Machining, also at the stage of finishing for safety. Also testing of material can be done at working stages of the component.
Hence the NDT Works has a huge department concerned with the testing of the equipment’s and components, besides the gigantic workshops where manufacturing of the equipment’s take place.
Under the guidance of Mr. V. Bhosale, Director, S V Tech, We got the opportunity to have exposure to the works carried out in this department of the industry, and hence learn a good deal from them. During the period of two months of industrial training, the works primarilyassigned were concerned with testing.

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