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Most Common Mistakes in English & 8 REALLY USEFUL PHRASAL VERBS

  Superfluous Expression

Knowledge of superfluous expressions is very important because it can come in handy, while spotting the errors. Knowledge of this topic can fetch 8-10 marks in SSC(pre+main) examination. So, let's begin.

1. 'Cousin brother'/ 'Cousin sister': Cousin itself means the child of your aunt or uncle, who can be a girl or a boy. Hence, it's wrong to say 'cousin brother'/'cousin sister', and instead we should only say cousin.


Incorrect : She is my cousin sister who is doing MBA from IIMA.
Correct : She is my cousin who is doing MBA from IIMA.

2. 'Consensus opinion': Here the opinion should be omitted. 'consensus' means collective opinion or agreement in a judgement reached by a group as a whole. Hence, we should only use consensus.

Incorrect : We are waiting for the members to share their consensus opinion.

Correct : We are waiting for the members to share their consensus.

3. 'Final conclusion': The usage of final is absurd here. We should only use conclusion.


Incorrect : What's​ the final conclusion of business deal between Sony and LG?

Correct : What's​ the conclusion of business deal between Sony and LG?

4. 'Funeral service': Here, the usage of service is unwanted. Funeral is itself a ceremony and service. Hence, service should not be used.


Incorrect: Thousands of people attended the funeral service of Micheal Jackson.

Correct : Thousands of people attended the funeral of Micheal Jackson.

5. 'Kindly requested': The usage of kindly is redundant here. Use only requested instead.


Incorrect : You are kindly requested to help her.

Correct : You are requested to help her.

6. 'Supposing if': If is not needed with supposing. It's a wrong usage. Use only supposing.

7. 'Suppose if': Here, the usage of 'if' with 'suppose' is superfluous. Both of the sign condition. Hence, either 'suppose' or 'if' should be used.


Incorrect : Suppose if you won the Oscar, what would you do?

Correct : Suppose you won the Oscar, what would you do?

8. 'During the period of war' : Both the expression are wrong. Instead, you should say- during the war.


Incorrect : She lived in Delhi, during the winter period.

Correct : She lived in Delhi, during the winter.

9. 'Return back': The usage of 'back' is not accepted with return. Hence, As 'return' itself means come back, as to a former place, position or state. Hence, usage of back is superfluous.


Incorrect : He returned back from the US yesterday.

Correct : He returned  from the US yesterday.

10. 'Reimburse back': 'Back' won't be used with 'reimburse'. We use reimburse only.


Incorrect : The insurance company reimbursed back him for his losses in the fire.

Correct : The insurance company reimbursed him for his losses in the fire.

11. 'Retreat back': Again 'back' won't be used here. 'Retreat' itself means – to withdraw, retire etc. We use only retreat.


Incorrect : The army retreated back from the conflict zone in Kashmir.

Correct : The army retreated from the conflict zone in Kashmir.

12. 'Recede back': Here also, 'back' should not be used with 'recede'. As, recede itself means to go back or move away. Hence, we use only recede.


Incorrect : The flood waters receded back from the town.

Correct: The flood waters receded from the town.

13. 'Recall back': 'Back' won't be used with 'recall'. We use only recall.

E.g. Can you recall what she said?

14. 'Repeat back': 'Back' should not be used with 'repeat'. Use only repeat instead

E.g. please, don't repeat the mistake.

15. Usage of 'again' after stone verbs:Never use 'again' after verbs like – Rebirth/Reborn/rebuild/regain/reiterate/recast etc.


Incorrect : The sage was reborn again in Vijayanagara​.

Correct : The sage was reborn in Vijayanagara​.

16. 'Equally as good as': The usage of 'as' should strictly be discarded. Use only 'equally' or 'as good as' separately.


1️⃣  Call off
If you “call something off ”, you cancel it.
He called the meeting off because three members of staff were sick.
If you “call off ” something that is already happening, you decide to stop it.
After six days, they called off the search for the missing crew members.

2️⃣  Come up with
If you “come up with” an idea, you think of it.
They came up with a solution to the problem.
If you “come up with” something, you produce or provide it to other people who want or need it.
If we don’t come up with the money by 6pm, they said they’d call the police.

3️⃣ End up
If you “end up” in a particular place, you are in that place
in the end.
After the party, everyone ended up at Paul’s house.
If you “end up” doing something, you do that thing in the end. 
After six years travelling around the world, I ended up  working in my hometown.

4️⃣ Fall apart
If something “falls apart”, it breaks into different parts, often in a sudden and unexpected way,
The model plane fell apart in my hand as I was trying to fix it.
If someone “falls apart” emotionally, they are unable to live in a normal way because they’re suffering from a lot
of emotional pain
She completely fell apart after coming back from the war zone.

5️⃣ Carry on
If you “carry on” walking in the same direction, you continue walking in that direction.
Carry on down the street for about 100 metres, then take the first turning on the right.
If you “carry on” something that someone else started, you continue working on it after the other person has stopped.
He carried on running the restaurant after his parents retired.

6️⃣ Get away
If you “get away”, you go somewhere, often for a short holiday.
I can’t wait to get away for a few days. I could really do with a rest.
If robbers (for example) “get away” with a crime, they aren’t caught or punished for it.
They stole over six million euros and never got caught.  I can’t understand how they ever got away with it!

7️⃣ Hold on
If you “hold on” to something, you keep your hands on it and don’t let go.
Hold on to the rope or you might fall!
If you “hold on” to something, you keep that thing and don’t lose it.
Despite the very poor sales results, she managed to hold on to her job at the company.
If you ask someone to “hold on” when you’re speaking on the phone, you ask them to wait while you connect
them to another number. You could also ask them to hold the line.
Please hold on while I put you through to Ms Jenkins.

8️⃣  Get  over
If you “get over” a problem, you stop being affected by it.
He’s going to do a course to help him get over his fear of flying.
If you “get over” a bad experience, you stop feeling sad about it or being affected by it.
He soon got over the divorce after he started dating Michelle.
If you “get over” an illness, you become healthy again.
It took me more than a week to get over that cold – it was terrible.

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