Wednesday 6 April 2022


1. A.B.C.: Basic knowledge
I don't know the A.B.C of cooking/driving/swimming.

2. An apple of discord: Root cause or anything
Kashmir is an apple of discord between India and Pakistan.

3. A bone of contention: A root cause of anything
Kashmir is a bone of contention between India and Pakistan.

4. Bread and butter: Livelihood
It is very difficult to earn bread and butter these days.

5. Chips of the same block: Of the same rank
All the leaders are the chips of the same block.

6. By hook or by crook: By all means
I have to arrange Rs1,00,000 till evening by hook or by crook

7. In hot water-: In trouble
I am in hot water these days.

8. Once in a blue moon: Very often.
He smokes once in a blue moon.

9. End in smoke: To fail fail
All his schemes ended in smoke.

10. Sailing in the same boat: In the same condition
We are sailing In the same boat.

11. In the evening of life: Old age
My grandfather is in an evening of his life.

12. Breadwinner: Who earns money
Who Is the breadwinner in your family?

13. In the good books: Having a good reputation
He is in the good books of his teachers these days.

14. In the bad books: Having a bad reputation
He is in the bad books of his parents these days.

15. A snake In the grass: Hidden enemy
My friend is not a friend but a snake in the grass.

16. Capital Punishment: Death punishment
The murderer was given capital punishment.

Rain cats and dogs-: Raining heavily
it is raining cats and dogs outside.

17. Let the cat out of the bag:  To tell the secret carelessly
I wanted to surprise everyone but my brother let the cat out of the bag.

18. Pick hole: Find faults with
He has the habit of picking holes in others

19. A child's play: Easy task
It is not a child's play to get 90% in board exams.

20. An uphill task: Difficult task
It is an uphill task for Pakistan to win the world cup.

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