Wednesday 6 April 2022


1. ‘To cost an arm and a leg’– something is very expensive.

“Fuel these days costs and arm and a leg.”

2. ‘A piece of cake’– something is very easy.

“The English test was a piece of cake.”

3. ‘Let the cat out of the bag’ – to accidentally reveal a secret.

“I let the cat out of the bag about their wedding plans.”

4. ‘To feel under the weather’ – to not feel well.

“I’m really feeling under the weather today; I have a terrible cold.”

5. ‘To kill two birds with one stone’ – to solve two problems at once.

“By taking my dad on holiday, I killed two birds with one stone. I got to go away but also spend time with him.”


💢IDIOM 1: "bad-mouth"
-> MEANING: say bad things about someone
-> EXAMPLE: The football players are always bad-mouthing their coach.

💢IDIOM 2: "curl one's hair"
-> MEANING: shock, frighten, horrify
-> EXAMPLE: The movie is very realistic and many of the scenes will curl your hair.

💢IDIOM 3: "keep one's head"
-> MEANING: stay calm when there is trouble or danger
-> EXAMPLE: Everyone tried to keep their head during the fire at the hotel.

💢IDIOM 4: "pick the brains of"
-> MEANING: get ideas or information about something by asking an expert
-> EXAMPLE: We picked the brains of the official who was sent to talk about the pollution problem.

💢IDIOM 5: "keep one's chin up"
-> MEANING: be brave, be determined, face trouble with courage
-> EXAMPLE: My brother is trying to keep his chin up even though he has lost his job.

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