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विषय : इंग्रजी व्याकरण

*126) Select the correct meaning of the underlined word. ?*

     *The idea had distinct possibilities.*

1) chances   
2) odds   
3) alternatives   
4) *prospects ☑*

*127) Choose the correct articles to fill in the blanks. ?*

   a) …………… apples are grown in many different countries.

   b) ………….. apples on our tree are not yet ripe.

1) The, no article 
2) The, the 
3) *No article, the ☑*
4) An, the

*128) Choose the option to fill in the blank in the following sentence. ?*

     *Radha ………….. six pillow cases since seen O’clock this morning.*

1) was making 
2) is making 
3) *has made ☑*
4) none of the above

*129) The doctor gave him medicine. In the passive form, the sentence will be. ?*

   a) He has been given medicine by the doctor.
   b) Medicine was given to him.
   c) He was given medicine.
   d) Medicine has been given to him by the doctor.

1) Only (a) and (d) are right.
2) Only (c) and (d) are right.
3) *Only (b) and (c) are right. ☑*
4) All four are right.

*130) He said, “Please help me”. Choose the option with the correct indirect form of the above ?*

1) He pleased me to help me.   
2) *He requested me to help him. ☑*
3) He ordered me about helping.   
4) He said I need help.

*131) Which one of the following alternatives is not a ‘preposition’?*

1) *an ☑*
2) what     
3) that     
4) whatever

*132) Fill in the blank with suitable modal. Choose the correct alternative.*

    *Mother : (to her daughter) I want to watch ‘Aaj Tak’ …………… you change the channel please?*

1) do     
2) may     
3) have     
4) *can ☑*

*133) Choose from the following the verb form of*


1) libertine   
2) liberation   
3) liberality   
4) *liberate ☑*

*134) Choose the right preposition : ?*

*It is natural for a human being to wish …………*

1) of     
2) to     
3) by     
4) *for ☑*

*135) Change the degree of comparison of the sentence given below. ?*

     *This proposal is unique.*

a) This is the most unique proposal       
b) This is the uniquest proposal
c) This proposal is more unique than all others.   
d) This proposal is uniquer than all others.

1) Only a and c are right   
2) Only b and d are right
3) All are right     
4) *None of right. ☑*

*141) Choose the option with all four words spelt correctly. ?*

   1) Lightening, noticeable, vaccum, ocassional   
   2) *Lightning, noticeable, vacuum, occasional ☑*
   3) Lightening, noticable, vaccum, ocassional
   4) Lightning, noticeable, vaccum, ocassional

*142) Choose the option indicating the meaning of the idiom : ?*

     *The boss in my office does not know what happens under his nose.*

1) Below his nose     
2) *In his very presence ☑*
3) With him       
4) to his juniors

*143) Choose the correct sentence from the following. ?*

1) That’s the useful book.   
2) That’s useful book.
3) That’s an useful book.   
4) *That’s a useful book. ☑*

*144) Identify the meaning of the underlined word. ?*

    *We want an equitable distribution of the resources.*

1) *Fair ☑*
2) in the same measure
3) quick   
4) healthy

*145) Choose the correct alternative for the blank. He fell a sleep while he ?*

1) *was reading ☑*
2) has been reading
3) is reading     
4) had read

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